Intro Patagonian Theme
Patagonian Theme
Love Theme DDF (String Orchestra)
WG Source Music 1
Pizza Para Dos
Love Theme DDF (Oboe W. String Trio)
Friedrich Goes
Leaving Home
University Theme
Night In Frankfurt
Michael And Sulamit
WG Source Music 2
Moving To Cologne
Separation 2
Love Theme DDF (Piano)
Going South
Flight Back From Rawson
Sulamits Walk
Patagonian Theme / Out Of Prison
Love Theme DDF (Solo Piano)
Patagonian Theme / Nirihuau
Patagonian Theme End
Love Theme DDF (Full Orchestra)

Bonus Tracks - JazzTrio & Loops: Improvisations To "Der Deutsche Freund" Themes.
Loop Stair's Fight And Students Café
Patagonian Theme - Variation 1
Love Theme DDF - Variation 1
Flight Back From Rawson - Variation 1
Night In Frankfurt - Variation 1
Patagonian Theme - Variation 2
Love Theme DDF - Variation 2
3Flight Back From Rawson - Variation 2
Night In Frankfurt - Variation 2
Patagonian Theme - Variation 3
Loop Espolón And Father's Fight

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